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Recording artist, songwriter, producer, and performer, LULU (formally LuluBeatz) is successfully shaping her career in the music scene. The young Pop and R&B artist is bringing her Italian tenacity to the main stage and making a name for herself in the industry. Lulu is at the brink of her global musical career, and will shortly be unstoppable. 

Lulu has been singing as long as her family can remember. Born into an Italian American family, in Bend, Oregon, she was raised in a lively Italian culture. Her family has owned several restaurants and businesses where Lulu was the little ‘singing bambina’. A few years later, Lulu and her family moved to Portland, Oregon. Recognizing her talent and her musical interest, her father enrolled her in piano and opera lessons when she was just seven-years-old. 


Lulu fell in love with acting and performing. She loved being on stage so much that she jumped at any opportunity to perform at school musicals, talent shows, and singing the national anthem at events. At 13 years of age, her talent was recognized and was recruited by NWCT. To further nourish her singing ability, she began to work with vocal coach Daniel Buchanan for her first record. That year during the holidays, her parents gave her a gift to work in her first recording studio. This experience led to Lulu having a clear realization that she wanted to become a recording artist.

The summer before her freshman year of high school, Lulu started to create and produce her own beats and music at home. Creating music that was along the lines of Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, and Dance. Lulu taught herself Protools, in addition to, Garage Band, Logic, and Ableton. She has also learned essential studio producing, mixing, and mastering skills. Lulu was able to see the advantage of learning theses skills and the power of creating all of her own music as the producer, singer, and songwriter. 

Fast forward to current day, she has released multiple original singles featuring her as the singer, songwriter, and producer. She has worked with many award winning producers and engineers such as Rob Kleiner, Blake Harden, James Chang, Donnie Baker, Thomas Barsoe and Asaf Fulks. In addition, she has also been a featured artist and has co-written and produced several songs for other upcoming rappers, and singers in the Portland, Washington, and Los Angeles area. Lulu’s music ranges from Pop to R&B to Hip Hop. All three genres can be heard in her released singles: Purpose, You Do You and Natural.  Shortly after releasing the hit single You Do You, she launched the “HELLO LULU” tour.


The Los Angeles tour comprised of multiple locations where Lulu was booked to perform for over 12,000 people in four days. Lulu calls her single, You Do You, her appreciation song. The song is about telling someone no matter who they are in your life, that you appreciate them as an individual person. Lulu says, “this [song] was like a cousin to my song Natural, but I wrote it being more mature and more seasoned in all kinds of relationships with people. The goals was to create a song that let people step back and appreciate individuals for their uniqueness.” 

Lulu’s release, Purpose is her and her fans “anthem song.” “Purpose holds a message I want my fans to connect with deeply. We all need a purpose. Especially with how involved we are with social media. I feel as if we lose our individual worth when we get to involved with it. I want my fans to be inspired by Purpose, and to go out and discover their purpose. No matter what age or stage they are at in their lives.” The music video is a beautiful, relatable, and metaphoric story of evolving. She worked with Netflix Director, George E. Heras on the project. Her most recent release Golden Sun is the perfect summer love song. “Golden Sun is about having a summer love and all of the emotions that are tied into it.”. Lulu wanted to create a song her fans could turn on, and instantly be transported into a summer love. Her recent collaboration with London based, remixer and producer, Joe Sheriff on the Golden Sun Remix. Now available for streaming and download everywhere.

Lulu has a performed a great deal of live on-stage performances in Oregon, California, and New York City. She has more recently performed at multiple LGBTQ events. The previous three years she has performed at “Pride on Stark” and was booked as the headliner for the 2018 Portland LGBTQ Pride Festival on the main stage. The LGBTQ community is something that’s close to her heart. Lulu’s first ever booked performance as a 16-year-old was at a gay bar who now fully supports her music and thinks of her as family. “The performances are important to me to go back and perform every year because it’s the family that has always supported me, and have always cheered me on and took the first risk on me. Their love, energy and loyalty is unending, and is forever there for me.” 

Lulu is excited to release new music in the year. At the moment, Lulu’s current goal is to work with as many producers, songwriters, engineers and other “artists” of various sorts to help her grow her musical career and her overall brand. She is looking forward to the future of becoming a beloved global artist and growing her fan base of around the world.